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Is 35,000 hcg far to high to see nothing but a sac ? Also the weird taste in my mouth is getting better.

I will keep everything crossed that you do have a good outcome but understand that you almost need to prepare yourself for the worst. Hi Shama, unfortunately it is still possible to have a blighted ovum even in an ivf cycle.

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I then had weird spotting a week before my expected period in May. My uterus is fine, the sac is in good shape but let me come back 2 weeks from now. Thank you so much for your response, with a single comment you have put all my fears to rest.

Hi Miss Tee, did you ever get a positive pregnancy test? Trying not to let this consume my life but it’s hard. However, a lot of pregnancies experience spotting and cramping and there is nothing wrong so this symptom alone should not lead you to believe that you have a blighted ovum. After that we took a 2 month break to emotionally and physically recover. Hi melissa, from reading your post through I assume you mean you had the ultrasound on 5th June rather than 5th May?

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I never get one single sign of nausea or vomiting so that’s always been a red flag for me. If you are indeed under 6 weeks then you are unlikely to see anything much. They are going to re-scan me weekly, under NICE guidelines, to 9 weeks post ER before committing to an outcome but they have advised it is unlikely to be good news. They sent me for a scan since i have hx of ectopic pregnancy n i was having pain at the left illac fossa. She seems alarmed but doesn’t tell me anything but refers me to the women’s imaging for a proper ultrasound and told me to return later that afternoon around 3 :00 PM to discuss the results. Coupling the low numbers, is dark brown spotting.

Maybe it is possible that you ovulated later than you thought? My mother had a blighted ovum and didn’t find out until 12 weeks, and I think this same thing is happening to me now. So it seems that it could go either way at this point, particularly if you ovulated quite late in your cycle.

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5 2013 and i took pregnancy test all through may finally got my first positive may 23. So by my calander i should be coming up to my 7th week of pregnancy, I went for a scan last Tuesday 30th July after having bad pains on my left side. I did a round of IVF with icsi and currently 5w5d. Hi Michelle, this is all so stressful isn’t it? Many find out between 6 and 9 weeks in fact, judging from the many stories of women who have had blighted ova. My hcg was low but increasing slowly but they were unable to find a sac in my uterus.

Once hcg gets to a certain level it does not increase so quickly but it’s really difficult to say what may be going on without more info. 2 wks ago and was told i was 4 to 5 weeks preg. I would agree and say that it would be too early to see anything on the ultrasound. I think the only way to tell is to see if your levels are going up by either getting blood tests done or seeing if your tests are getting darker. I would try doing another test now but also it is possible in your mid 40s for periods to go astray occasionally so it may just be down to hormones. In which case you would only be 5 weeks now and they couldn’t expect to see anything.

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Pregnancy symptoms can come and go and often do so unfortunately that can’t really tell you too much either. So I guess it’s not looking good. I had some spotting so they did another one 4 days later 1248. This is the longest two weeks of my life. And then I had a spotting this last april7.

I suffered from a blighted ovum back in December 2014. Two days later on thursday I went for an ultrasound and all the could see was the gestational sac. They will probably call you back for s repeat scan and maybe betas if they suspect there is a chance something is wrong.

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C is quite a personal decision. I have recently found out that I’m pregnant again. I was shocked cause i thought my period will be coming cause i got a backpain and cramps but it all came out was a spot. 13 it was 340 recently i haven’t checked it as my doc she said not required,My only concern is according to my lmp im 7 weeks but on my scanning the nurse could not see anything even a sac? Hi Ally, unfortunately there isn’t much that you can do except wait for the next ultrasound I’m afraid.

Do blighted ovum will happen again? 5 years of trying, I was able to conceive with the help of a fertility specialist but had a missed abortion around 7 weeks after detecting a fetal heart beat at 6 weeks. Many women have all the traditional pregnancy symptoms like nausea and sore breasts, plus the bloating.

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I would speak to your doctor and see if you can get tests done. So it isn’t clear how far along I am. 11th August, the waiting is killing me, my symptoms gets worse every day. I’m so sorry you are going through this and it is horrible when you are not really sure what is going on. My last period was on July 23rd and I used a clearblue 10 day opk which displayed moderate fertility on August 4th. Just wanted to update you that I went back today and saw the fetal pole and heartbeat.

Impatiently waiting- at 7w3d I had an empty gestational sac measuring 17mm. Your hopes and dreams all shattered in one go and I am so sorry you are having to go through this. The majority of people who suffer with a blighted ovum do not realise that anything is wrong at all until they have an ultrasound. It is possible that all is still OK as many people have bleeding in early pregnancy, but it’s best to get checked out so that you know what is going on. Hi Sarah, I would say it is up to you if you want to wait but I guess that if they can see a sac that is 24 and there is nothing in it then it sounds likely to be a BO. I’ve taken two additional tests, and am now up to 768 at 6w 3d.

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Miss Tee have you seen a doctor? At 7w 3d as you know you should see more than a sac and the fact that is was measuring small is not good news. From my experience, once something like this happens is could be the start of a miscarriage but having said that people do have bleeding during pregnancy too. Sorry you had to go through this. If you only got a positive test on 5th June then it’s quite possible this is a normal pregnancy. Does anyone know what are the chances of suffering from another blighted ovum pregnancy?

Ultrasound showed growing empty sac as well. Hello, I was told I had a blighted ovum. Thursday for a follow up ultrasound. Spotting is very common in early pregnancy so may not mean anything.

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REPLYsee if my pregancy is viable. They had me come back for a second and again that was the sac only. Hi Jo and sorry for the delay in replying. I know it would be more than just the gestational sac I saw last time. My doc says its too early to see.

So the last doubling time was 91hrs. 7 weeks and everything looks good . 5 weeks later and i have had faint positive pregnancy tests, as well as 1 pregnant 2-3 weeks test. Yes I definitely think you are still in the game. I found out I was pregnant about 5 weeks ago with what would be my 3rd child My youngest will be 9 next month so while we didnt expect a new baby we were all excited about it.

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About 4 days later they were 18000, another 3days and they were 21000. I think all you can do is wait it out unfortunately and hope that you get more information at your next scan. I was wondering if u could help me with a question about my period? I would say that each woman’s experience is different but it is not unusual to have a few days of pain. I had 3 positive pregnancy tests on 6th June so my doctor sent me have an ultrasound. My first ultrasound was on 16 april but the ultrasound result showed gestational sac only 0r yolk sac no heartbeat .

Hi Brie, of course you are going to be worried after your last experience but the likelihood of it happening again is very slim. I am off to have an ultrasound in 2 days to see what’s going on. Hi lisa, I think it is still really early to be able to tell if it s a blighted ovum but obviously slow rising hcg is not a great sign. I know the dates are accurate because my cycle is always very regular, not to mention I had a positive home pregnancy test approximately 4 weeks ago, which means at the time I took the test I would have had to have been at least 4 weeks already, putting me at 8-9 weeks currently.