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Can i see misoprostol in nigeria

can i see misoprostol in nigeria

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Those that cannot shoulder the responsibility of a baby, and simultaneously insist on having unprotected sex. There might be the need to check her blood level and they would definitely give her medications to stop the bleeding.

While technically the sale of misoprostol requires a prescription, many pharmacists readily sell it over the counter. The sections of the Penal Code parallel the Criminal Code, besides the exception for abortion with the purpose of saving the life of the mother.

We now know that Misoprostol is now readily available for people to buy off the counter without a prescription. OP, i wish you the best! Comparative health law and policy : critical perspectives on Nigerian and global health law.

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A woman who uses misoprostol successfully we’ll never hear about. To the Lady, looks like ur life has duplicate, dont joke with ur life in the name of love. You can download the paper by clicking the button above.

The government has either failed to make these issues a priority or they have attempted to introduce policies that had an opposite result of what was desired. An important aspect to take into consideration is that Nigeria is a region where there are low health system requirements and where they strive to use non-surgical options. The article also states that misoprostol is especially dangerous when used by women with existing medical conditions including asthma, heart disease, anemia, diabetes, hypertension, and bleeding problems. The widespread sale of misoprostol is recent, and it is adding a new, complex dimension to Nigeria’s underground abortion market. Vaginal administration should therefore be chosen unless there are reasons to avoid it. I hope she is alive n well, if not dat na serious gbege 4 d guy.

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I would believe the gynecologist would examine your girlfriend and probably do some swab tests and some blood test. Most of the silence stems from the country’s cultural taboo, where religion—Islam and Christianity—dominates social life, and children are considered a gift from God. Misoprostol was originally used to treat ulcers, but it is also 90 percent effective for first trimester abortions. Contraceptives are an important resource in a community where abortion and high fertility is an issue.

It is reported that the drug is provided by clinics or purchased by women in pharmacies. Women who have previously given birth or had a D and C are especially advised that the powerful contractions of the drug can not only expel their child in the womb but can also cause rupture of their uterus and uncontrollable bleeding. I aint in support of Abortion, but neither will i watch while a silly mistake will cost a life, i suggest you take a complete dose of Primolute N to permanently stop the post abortion bleeding, hope you learnt your lesson. I’m very sure you never tasted it before.

can i see misoprostol in nigeria

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Just take her to a good hospital and open up to them. Abeg use ur head and spare your family the pain. U either play safe or u zip up! Since abortion is illegal in Nigeria, many women resort to unsafe abortion methods, leading to abortion-related complications and increasing mortality and morbidity rates in the country. Campaign Against Unwanted Pregnancy has been pushing to make abortion safer.

Her crisp British accent giving away her recent returnee status. Improve Your Libido With Dr Kolaq Herbs! ONE OF THOSE DRUGS YOU WROTE IS CONTRA BANNED IN MOST COUNTRIES. Herbalists or traditional healers also set up shop at the market and use plants to treat a wide range of ailments. I weep as I read this.

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Malcolm Potts and his wife Martha Campbell. Try to keep me posted and I might come up with more advice in the future. Talking from the medical stand point, I would seriously advice you to see a qualified gynecologist to review your girlfriend not just because of now but in order to prevent future issues with infertility or subfertilty. The shame around abortion spreads from the women seeking the procedure to its supply chain. Because abortion is restricted, few medical students learn how to do them, which can lead to deadly mistakes.

With that law, a butcher can do an abortion and say it was to save a woman’s life. Like how much does it cost? In Nigeria, where abortion is legal only to save the life of a woman, clandestine abortions are common and often deadly.

can i see misoprostol in nigeria

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Many public health professionals believe this is a drastic undercounting. Where Can I Get Methotrexate And Misoprostol In Nigeria? Certified doctors who are untrained but perform abortions are also considered quacks. Re: Where Can I Get Methotrexate And Misoprostol In Nigeria? There might be the need to repeat the ultrasound scan on her as well. Enough is enough ADVISERS, i guess d guy has learnt his lessons.

Am instinctively sure that you will not marry that girl after. Dis isnt tym to apportion blames so i ll advice d op to tk d girl to a good hospital 4 proper evacuation. So any thing you read online is what you’ll buy. This should serve as a lesson to many.

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YOU MIGHT END UP KILLING TENS OF DESPERATE LIVES, WHO WILL ALSO TRY IT OUT OF DESPERATION. A certified medical doctor, he splits his time between Lagos and Florida, and said he does not offer charity care. In pharmacies around Lagos, behind counters stacked with cough drops, vitamins and antibiotics, usually hidden but available on request is a drug called misoprostol or by its brand name Cytotec. 30 minutes and you may swallow the pills after this time only. In Mexico, where misoprostol is widely available in the informal market, 39 percent of misoprostol users had complications, according to a Guttmacher study, largely due to taking the wrong dose.

I want to believe you do care for her otherwise you won’t have requested for advice on how to resolve this issue. An important goal of the CAUP is public health education. The Criminal Code is currently enforced in southern states. In Lagos, abortions cause about half of the deaths of women during pregnancy, largely because they are performed in secret by incompetent practitioners. Nigeria is notorious for fake drugs, and authorities have attempted to crack down on roadside medicine vendors, but the market still flourishes.

can i see misoprostol in nigeria

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The Penal Code’s punishments include imprisonment, fine, or both. Many pharmacies also sell misoprostol, a drug for post-partum hemorrhage that can also be used to induce abortion. Allison Shelley is an independent documentary photographer and multimedia journalist. Abortion in Nigeria is governed by two laws that differ depending on geographical location. They walk through the market with a rainbow of liquids in recycled plastic bottles in a tub on their head.

Just curious, i read about it online and i want to know if the drugs can be available in our local stores in Nigeria. Then look for a good hospital try to see the doctor confidentially narrate the whole story to him. Unsafe Abortion: Threat to Nigerian Women”. The side effects of using other methods have proved to be damaging to the mothers, resulting in high fevers, urinary tract infections, and genital trauma. Nigeria’s abortion laws make it one of the most restrictive countries regarding abortion. In 1992, CAUP organized a reform meeting in which the Minister of Health and NMA president reviewed legislation regarding abortion.

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So, she had bled substantial volume of her blood. This act is helping women get the contraceptives they need to prevent unwanted pregnancy, the leading cause for abortions. I agree with those who suggested that you take her to a certified hospital and narrate your story to the doctor. A word is enough for the wise.

ALSO PLEASE IT IS VERY WRONG TO WRITE SUCH DRUGS OPENLY ON PUBLIC FORUMS. In Nigeria, there are three first-trimester safe practices that are utilized to compare costs and effectiveness. If he had zipped-up, all this wouldn’t have happened.

can i see misoprostol in nigeria

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Abortion is a controversial topic in Nigeria. Stop reading about the drug online, you’re not a doctor. Comparative Health Law and Policy: Critical Perspectives on Nigerian and Global Health Law. Let the OP  act fast by taking her to a good hospital. But in a medical and pharmaceutical market as messy and unregulated as Nigeria’s, a side effect is that this drug intended for use by doctors to complete a half-done abortion is also now available for women to buy and use on their own. She nearly dropped her champagne as she giggled and turned away.

So you can abort baby abi. Is advised to moisture the tablets before use. Sex isnt 4 d immatured, its a sweet poison nd u must be ready to bear d consequences flowing from d act. Moral of the post: Pls abstain from sex and where you cant abstain pls used protection.